Interventions and actions

Minuten zu verkaufen , Zürich/ Bern 2013

Aktion im öffentlichem Raum

In collaboration with Colombian artist Katherine Patiño Miranda.

We create an itinerant Time Bank in the form of an association entitled: “ Doing by not Doing” Over a period of 6 months in different cities of Switzerland we accumulated 240 donated minutes and gave away 172.

The project goal was to allow people to question themselves about what is the time and its value by “not doing” and to give them an opportunity to stop in a society where time it’s only measure as the amount of work and productivity.After donating or receiving minutes each participant became a member of the association and signed and received a certificate.

Instant Favelas, Zürich, from 2011 to 2013

The low-tech street lab for urban interventions.

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