Instant Favelas

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«Instant Favelas»

The low-tech street lab for urban interventions

Zürich, from 2011 to 2013.

Project developed by Colectivo Macramé Zürich:

Award:       Agentur +Z. ZHdK, 2011

Support bei:   Agentur Z+; Department of Fine Arts and Theater from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Zürich.

Instant Favelas is a transdisciplinary project that simulates a nomadic city made of street found cardboard, staging a new situation into the urban landscape of Zurich.
Our direct inspiration are the Favelas (Brazilian term), urban settlements that grow around metropolis in a chaotic way, representing informal and irregular settlements. And the creativity from the inhabitants to build according to their necessities and economical capacities, using residuals material and adapting their constructions to the topography.
Instant Favelas develops during days, and is build with freehand collaborators. It becomes a trigger for thinking and reflection about different aspects that shape and define a city, such as urbanity, space, society, culture, social interaction and revaluate public spaces. It is a laboratory where other people are invited to make an intervention in the sense of a collaborative response to the project.
We collect cardboard from the city, garbage that speak about the consumption’s systems and ways of life from the place. Then we manipulate the material creating walls that work like bricks. The constructive system is made of 3 different sizes of walls that are arranged following a pattern, which allows the Instant Favelas to grow into different sizes, depending as well on the site and the quantity of people involved in their construction.
Finally the nomadic city is inhabited through interventions that attract the public. The public can see and take part in the process of development. The process is open and inclusive. The assembly of the Instant Favelas and their interventions will be a result of the collaboration of a transdisciplinary team of different discipline:
– Disciplines that transform space: Their intervention consists of the modifications and adaptations of physical space, creating sensory perceptions.
– Disciplines that generate new dynamics between users and viewers: Their intervention consists on generating direct contact and interaction with and between users and spectators.
– Disciplines that create the documentation of the phenomena that is taking place in the favelas.
Instant Favelas take place on different spots of the City during the year.


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