Minuten zu verkaufen/ Action in the public space

“MInuten zu Verkaufen”IMG_4187

Zürich/ Bern 2013.

In collaboration with Colombian artist Katherine Patiño Miranda.

Participations at:
–     ACT’13, Performance Festival. Zürich and Bern.2013
–    “Let’s talk about money, honey” Neue Dringlichkeit,
Gessnerallee, Zürich, 2013

Final degree project. Fine Arts. Zürich, 2013

We create an itinerant Time Bank in the form of an association entitled: “ Doing by not Doing” which worked as follow: we approached pedestrians and asked them Do you have some minutes? Those that had time where invited to donate them in the line “With Time” and those that needed extra minutes where classified as “Without Time”an were invited to receive them by simply sitting at a public bench quietly and without doing much. After donating or receiving minutes each participant became a member of the association and signed and received a certificate.
Over a period of 6 months in different cities of Switzerland we accumulated 240 donated minutes and gave away 172.
The project goal was to allow people to question themselves about what is the time and its value by “not doing” and to give them an opportunity to stop in a society where time it’s only measure as the amount of work and productivity.

Creamos un Banco del Tiempo itinerante en la forma de una asociación llamada “Doing by not Doing”(“Hacer no Haciendo”) que funcionaba de la siguiente manera: Se les preguntaba a los peatones si tenian tiempo extra o necesitaban. A aquellos que tenian tiempo extre se les invitaba a donarlo y a las personas que necesitaban tiempo podian tomar el tiempo donado por alguien mas.
El tiempo se donaba sentandose sin hacer absolutamente nada, previamente se acordaba cuánto tiempo iban a donar. Se les media el tiempo.
Los que necesitaban tiempo se les daba un certificado que indicaba cuanto tiempo tenian y quién había sido el donador.
Tanto el donador como el que recibia, se convertían miembros de esta asociación.
Durante un periodo de 6 meses en diferentes ciudades de Suiza se acumuló 240 minutos donados de los cuales se dierón 172.


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